Child, Adolescent, & Parenting Groups

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The following groups are led by members of WGPS.  This listing is provided by WGPS for informational purposes only.  WGPS does not warrant the appropriateness of any group for any particular individual.  The listing includes only mental health professionals who are licensed to practice their profession by the State of New York and who carry professional liability insurance. Please call the therapist listed for each group for more detailed information regarding professional qualifications, fee, openings, appropriateness, process, theoretical orientation, preliminary interviews, etc.  Inclusion in the listing does not imply a recommendation, endorsement or statement of quality from the Westchester Group Psychotherapy Society.

Child, Adolescent, & Parenting Groups



Type of Group

Day & Time *






Parents of Toddlers

Parents of Toddlers

Starting Feb. 2017, Tues, 12:00-1:30 pm - 4 weeks


Stating Mar. 2017, Tues 12:00-1:30 pm - 4 weeks

Hartsdale, NY
(914) 723-0197

Hartsdale, NY
(914) 723-0197

Simon, Ann Rose, MSW



Social skills group for boys and girls

Social skills group for boys and girls

Thurs. 6:00 - 6:45 pm

Thurs. 6:45 - 7:30 pm

Bedford Hills, NY
(914) 666-0977 X 2
Grosso, PsyD, Carolyn







Social skills

Parent's Groups

Parent's support group

After school

Once a week

Tues. 6:00-7:00 pm, weekly


NYPH OPD, White Plains, NY. (914) 997-5957


NYPH OPD, White Plains, NY.
(914) 997-5957

Hariton, Jo, LCSW



Hariton, Jo, LCSW


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*Groups meet weekly unless otherwise specified.

CGP=Certified Group therapist 

AGPA=American Group Psychotherapy Association Member